Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 1 Discussion Question

Ha has proved in the beginning of the story that she is a bit mischievous. What are some of the things she has done that show that she is a bit of a rule-breaker? What in her life might make her act this way?

Make sure to write in complete sentences and use details from the story to support your answers. Type this in your 'blogging doc' first so you can make corrections if necessary. Make sure to edit and revise your answer before you post it.


  1. One way that Ha has shown that she is mischievous and a rule breaker is on Tet when the text says, “ But last night I pouted when Mother insisted that one of my brothers must rise first this morning because only male feet can bring good luck. An old angry knot expanded in my throat. I decided to wake before dawn and tap my big toe on the tile floor first.” This shows that she is a rule breaker because the boy or a boy in your family is supposed to wake up first. Something in her life that might make her do this is that she may feel like her brothers get to do everything special. Text that shows why she feels this way is, “ I can’t make my brothers go live elsewhere but I can hide their sandals.

  2. 1. Some of the things she has done that have made her a rule breaker are, she taps her foot on the floor when she is not supposed to, only boys are supposed to do that. Another thing she does that is mischievous is, She hides her brothers sandals because she can’t make her brothers live elsewhere. The last thing she does that is mischievous is, she lied to people telling them 99 grams of pork, seven-eighths of a bushel of spinach, and four and three quarter cubes of tofu.

    2. The things that make her act that way are her father is gone and maybe dead, her brothers are mean to her, and she doesn’t feel like she has a life. This makes her want to take it out on others.

  3. I agree that Ha feels like she doesn't have a life when brothers are mean to her. I aslo agree that she might be acting mischievous because she doesn't know if her father is alive and she doesn't know if he is coming back if he isn't dead.

  4. In the book Inside Out and Back Again a girl named He lives in Vietnam and can sometimes be mischief. One of the things she did at her house was hide her brothers sandals. In the book it said “ I can’t make my brothers go live elsewhere, but I can hide there sandals.” This means she likes to do the little sister stuff (does stuff too older siblings). As you can see Ha is a mischief maker. One of the other things Ha also did in this book was she lied about getting the food at the market. She was supposed to get 100 grams of pork, a bushel of water spinach, and five cubes of tofu. Instead she gets 99 grams pork, 4/8 of a bushel spinach, and four and three quarters cubes of tofu. Ha says in the book “ Mornings free, Mother trusts me to shop at the open market.” That means her mother trusts her and tells her to get specific things and she does not do that, it shows that Ha is michifus when she is supposed to do something. One more way Ha is michifus is that she tapped her foot on the floor in the morning before anyone woke up. This may not seem like such a big problem but in their culture it is a big deal because only boys can do it. In the book Ha says “ I decided to wake before dawn and Tap my big toe to the tile floor first. Not even Mother, sleeping beside me, knew.” That shows that she will take a chance even if she could get in trouble. Ha is misfus but i can tell she is a very nice girl too.

  5. Ha is mischievous because on page five, she hides her brother’s sandals. She also is mischievous because on page 38, she pinches the girl who shares her desk. She is a bit of a rule-breaker by tapping her foot on the floor when she is not supposed to and boys are only supposed to do that.

    Something in her life made her act this way because she has older brothers and she kind of wants to act like them although she has three brothers and she, in her life, have been acting mischievous because she just kind of acts like her other three brothers and she probably just hates her desk partner that shares her desk with her. And also her father has been gone for a long time or might of died and her brothers are some what mean to her, and other things too.